Welcome to Inner-Sanctum and www.lisaguyman.com 's tradebit homepage where you can download the "Journey into Meditation CD, guided meditations for healing, insight and manifestation" for $9.99 - three meditations in all.   

Also, by Lisa Guyman "Journey Through Reiki:  Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction and Music - 5 CD set."  Journey Throught Reiki is also available in an easy to download format at CD Baby and in hardcopy at Amazon

You can purchase Lisa's "Journey into Meditation" CD for $18.98, her "Journey Through Reiki - 5 CD set" for $32.95 or a copy of her book, "Sacred Healing" at lisaguyman.com or at Amazon To order by phone call Lisa at 303-861-2280 or at 1-877-396-3348.  Download Lisa Guyman's albums at iTunes too. 

Enjoy as Lisa's gift to you a free preview of the "Mystic Waterall" healing meditation. Just click on "inspirational" in the left-hand column under 'music' to get started.

You can also download Lisa's chapter Journey into Meditation:  a Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness with Lisa's entire guided meditation CD (3 meditation tracks) and her chapter (in pdf format) for just $12.97.

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Lisa Guyman, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor (certified by The Chopra Center), Speaker, Author, Reiki Master.